Wall rendering

Tivit wall thermo-insulation rendering

Suitable for exterior or interior masonry surfaces

General advantages

  • Application – the product has been formulated for genuine compatibility with traditional materials, such as concrete bricks and blocks, difficult substrates such as cement sheet and high density concrete. Tivit render is also suitable for renovation of listed buildings.
  • Reduced heating bills – with a coefficient of thermal conductivity (U-value) of 0.064 W/mK Tivit reduces significantly the heat related losses in the building.
  • Example – A standard cavity wall has a U-value of 1.91 W/mK. In comparison, by applying 50mm of Tivit render would provide a U-value of 0.064 W/mK resulting in a 66% energy saving.
  • Humidity – the product is vapour diffusant and alleviates condensation problems.
  • Fire resistant – Class B1 fire resistant render design to provide protection to the physical structure of the building in case of fire.
  • Rodent and Termite resistant
  • Long term durability
  • Reduces CO2 emissions


  • Pre-bagged Render – 70 litter bags with dry weight of 15.5kg
  • 1 cubic meter render consists of 16 bags

Surface preparation and application

The wall Tivit renders are pre-bagged, with water added on site and mixed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • The contractor must prepare the wall surface by means of pressure washing and or wire brushing to remove spalling brickwork, friable render or any loose or powdery materials where necessary. All surfaces must be clean and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease, silicone or loose materials before application.
  • Hack off any existing render bellcast
  • Where specified, apply Fungicidal Treatment and stabilising solution.
  • On concrete block, brick walls and masonry surfaces Tivit wall insulation render can be applied directly or if required a base coat can be put first before the insulation render.
  • Tivit wall insulation render can be placed using a steel trowel and conventional hand plastering techniques or can be sprayed applied using a plastering pump.
  • Tivit must be applied a minimum of 50mm thickness for a better thermo insulating effect.
  • Level out immediately, using a wooden mortarboard, straight edge, smoothing trowel or float.
  • Do not press the render as that will disturb thermo-insolating characteristics of the product.
  • Once the Tivit wall insulation render has dried it is then over coated with the chosen finishing plaster before the walls are painted.