Roof putty

Roofing thermo-insulation putty Tivit

General advantages

  • Statistically the roof of a property is the area related to 40% on average of the heating losses. Tivit roofing putty is design to successfully keep the heat in the building during the winter and to stop the overheating caused by the sun in the hot summer months.
  • Tivit roofing putty has a coefficient of thermal conductivity (U-value) of 0.064 W/mK and the best thermo insulation results are achieved by applying a layer of at least 80mm.
  • The putty has better compressive and tensile strengths in comparison with the wall renders as the product is specifically designed for application on horizontal and tilt surfaces. This leads to advantage of the putty relative to similar products on the market as Tivit thermo-insulation putty does not require additional reinforcements like steel bars and reduces the application cost.
  • Additionally the putty is fire resistant class B1 product that provides a high degree of protection to the physical structure of the building in case of fire.


  • Pre-bagged Render – 70 litter bags with dry weight of 15.5kg
  • 1 cubic meter render consists of 16 bags

Surface preparation and application

The wall Tivit putty is pre-bagged, with water added on site and mixed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • The contractor must prepare the roof surface by means of pressure washing and or wire brushing to remove friable render or any loose or powdery materials where necessary. All surfaces must be clean and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease, silicone or loose materials before application.
  • Where specified, apply Fungicidal Treatment and stabilising solution.
  • On concrete and masonry surfaces Tivit thermo insulation roofing putty can be applied directly or if required a base coat can be put first.
  • Tivit roofing insulation putty can be placed using a steel trowel and conventional hand plastering techniques or can be sprayed applied using a plastering pump.
  • Tivit must be applied a minimum of 80mm thickness for a better thermo insulating effect.
  • Level out immediately, using a wooden mortarboard, straight edge, smoothing trowel or float.
  • Do not press the render as that will disturb thermo-insolating characteristics of the product.
  • Once Tivit roofing insulation putty has dried a waterproofing membrane can be applied to the surface by using a blow torch or by gluing.
  • For applications on wooden and tin surfaces a net is required to be installed prior to the application of the putty.

Caution! Do not apply the product in adverse whether conditions like strong winds and temperature above 30C.

Do not apply the product to overheated by the sun surfaces like tin/iron sheeted roofs.