Tivit – Certificates

In accordance with Council Directive 89/106/EEC of the European Communities of 21 December 1988 on the harmonization of laws, regulations and administrative provisions of Member States relating to construction products (Construction Products Directive – CPD), amended by Directive 93/68/EES EC Council of 22 July 1993, introduced in Bulgarian zakonadatelstvo with part two of the Ordinance on the essential requirements for construction and conformity assessment of construction products is determined that construction products, insulation masonry units Tivit 125 and Tivit 250 hold certificates for production control and grounds on their company Juvema Ltd. issued Declarations of Conformity, which is mandatory for building elements and has a sign  (sign for European Conformity).

  • EU-Certificate of Production Control – Masonry Blocks “Tivi 125”
  • Masonry Blocks Certificate “Tivit 125”
  • EU-Certificate of Production Control – Masonry Blocks “Tivit 250”
  • Masonry Blocks Certificate “Tivit 250”
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Certificate of Energy Efficiency
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Diploma of Technical Fair “Autumn 2009” Plovdiv. – see certificate

Due to avoid falls copies please request copies of all certificates.