Building blocks

Tivit Building Blocks

General advantages

  • Lower price per square meter of wall.
  • No need for additional thermoinsulation materials.
  • Class B1 fire resistant blocks appropriate for use in multi storage buildings.
  • Excellent thermal characteristics that help to minimize the heat related losses in the building.
  • No need for additional thermal insulation on the outside of walls.
  • Highly technological and easy to construct, cut, pierce, nail, etc.
  • The dimensions of the masonry blocks help shorten the building duration by nearly 10 times as one block replaces 23 single bricks which leads to reduced labour costs.
  • Thermal bridges are avoided by gluing the blokes and forming a gap of only 3 to 4 mm.
  • 100 years lifecycle.
  • Excellent acoustic insulator. The granules of expanded polystyrene act as air cushions and prevent the sound pollution getting through the walls.
  • One of the most important qualities of the building blocks Tivit is that the condensed dampness is easily emitted into the atmosphere, the so-called “breathing effect” appears.
  • Tivit masonry blokes are appropriate to use in regions with high seismic activities due their elastic properties.
  • The composite material is not attractive to rodents, mould, fungi, and other microorganism and isn’t subjected to decay.
  • Ecologically safe product.


“Tivit 250”
Enclosing (facade) walls and lintels – Dimensions: L 450mm, H 300mm, W 250mm

“Tivit 125” 
Dividing walls – Dimensions: L 450mm, H 300mm, W 125mm

Technical characteristics:

  • Bulk density of Tivit building blocks is 320 кg/м3.
  • The coefficient of thermal conductivity in dry state – λ=0,079 W/mK
  • Pressure strenght – 0.50 /Nmm2
  • The coefficient of heat transfer:

U = 0,17 W/m2К  wall thikness – 450мм
U = 0,25 W/m2К wall thikness – 300мм
U = 0,31 W/m2К wall thikness – 250мм
U = 0,50 W/m2К wall thikness – 125мм

  • Tivit are excellent thermo-insulator.

Tivit building blocks are class 2 according to the EN standard and are not used for frameworks.